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The Digital Spaces We Want 

An interactive chat around the campfire about what makes online environments feel alive, fun, and welcoming.
Published onAug 31, 2023
The Digital Spaces We Want 

What you find below is a provocative discussion around the participants’ hopes and dreams of a more communal and connected internet. Over their recreated digital campfire late into the night, Jacky and Spencer discuss what makes a (digital) space feel alive, fun, and welcoming, in addition to spaces that give a sense of communal agency. Within the conversation, you’ll find fantastic references and connections so please click around! You can also read and engage with this piece on their (we)bsite for a more immersive experience.

At the end of the piece, annotate the prompts and create your own discussions to continue the dialogue!

Discussion Questions

  • What are some examples of places — in real life or virtually — that have made you feel welcome? What about that space evoked that feeling?

  • How do you balance digital spaces that are defined yet not too defined? What does it mean that digital spaces are so easy to link and connect?

  • What rules do you follow in the digital space? Is the internet a big game and who gets to (re)define the parameters?

  • How could you be a better host and guest online?

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