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Commonplace Content Types

Published onFeb 25, 2020
Commonplace Content Types


A format refers to the structure a piece on the Commonplace assumes, from report to conversation to reading list. Each hold at their core an emphasis on exchange between authors and readers toward problem solving and expanding personal understanding.

Duly Noted

In which industry reports will be posted for community engagement and feedback.


Musings and conversations posted for open annotation by readers and the authors. Can include reflections of writers on their own past work, as well as historical texts in need of contextualization and gloss.

Well Sourced

In which editors compile reading lists on specific topics for readers who want to expand their knowledge. To include a brief introduction and annotations from the editor and can be revised over time. To be published monthly.

5 Things to Think About

In which a new guest contributor is invited to collect 5 things for subscribers to consider, individually and also as a set. Items can be anything: article, art, music, poetry, data set, etc. It’s fully up to their interpretation. To be published monthly as a Commonplace newsletter.


Themes span formats and can be time-bound.

In the Open

In which the author researches and highlights all of the open knowledge central to the creation of a product.1

If Not For This

A series featuring a person or people from existing projects or institutions that focuses on turning points in the development of their work. “We would have failed/succeeded if not for X.” The goal is to capture lessons learned for readers starting and/or working on newer projects today.

Sarah Gulliford (Kearns):

i think same here. these lessons can be talked about and discussed either in a “well (re)sourced” or in a “duly noted” type of post

Sarah Gulliford (Kearns):

i love this idea - feel like this ties into what “well (re)sourced” is becoming.

Patsy Baudoin:

Wonderful project! Very happy to see translation listed.